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#096 Telephon9

Telephone? Telephono? Telephine? Whatever way, they're great!

3 years ago

Electropop group Telephon9 joins us on the show for a full hour to discuss their unique sound, playing Dally in the Alley, and their method for approaching songwriting. We also delve into where they would go if they were stranded alone somewhere, and the background behind their wild song “Avocado.”

Attributions: “Who’s Gonna Love Me” by Telephon9 “Avocado” by Telephon9 “Castle in the Sky” by Telephone9

Credits: Christopher Call, Adari Perkins, Jair Alexander

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Intro Theme: “Don’t Weigh Me Down” by Broadcast 2000

Interlude Song: “Americana Jam” by The Underscore Orkestra

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