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#101 Paco Higdon Band, Blake the Intern, Jessie Christ

Paco Higdon and his Band join us on the show to discuss Disney Sequels and more! Also: Blake the Intern and Jessie Christ!

4 years ago

Paco Higdon and his Band join us on the show in a raucous episode to debate about the quality of Disney Sequels such as 102 Dalmations, participating in Shark Tank: The Musical, and of course we spare some time to discuss the Band itself! Then, Blake the Intern returns to discuss how he spent his Summer Vacation. Finally, practically unknown brother of Jesus, Jessie Christ details his frustrations at being left out of the Holy Book!

Credits: Paco Higdon, Kait Sarnecki, Chris Williams, Blake the Intern, Jheremie Jacque

Attributions: “Some People Just Aren’t Going to Like You” by Paco Higdon Band “This is the Best Part” by Paco Higdon Band “Stoop Kid” by Paco Higdon Band

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