The Michael Duprey Variety Hour

#143 Kind of Animal, Midge

Featuring the debut of the super-intelligent dogphin!

2 years ago

Electropop/freak folk duo Kind of Animal join us on the show to discuss the unexpected blend of musical styles in their music and brainstorm a brand new animal hybrid! Then, lottery winner and Chi-Chi’s enthusiast Midge pops in and regales stories of celebrating food at her favorite restaurant internationally. Also, Beatrice Montgomery provides some much needed tips for surviving the summer heat!

Credits: Max Hernandez, Daniel Ackerman, Jessica Cooper

Attributions: “Face To Face” by Kind of Animal “Shift Change” by Kind of Animal “Underscream” by Kind of Animal

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“Beatrice Montgomery Heat Tips” Credits: Edited by: Michael Duprey Performed by: Lauren Duprey Sound Effect Attributions: “Disgusting slop.wav” by Ighuaran via Freesound (

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