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#170 Banjolectric, Iam Influencer

3 years ago

Electro Folk Musician Gregory Mulkern aka Banjolectric joins us on the show to discuss touring in Europe and to perform some songs live in the studio! Then, YouTube Beauty vlogger Iam Influencer addresses the controversy of her make-up causing health issues for consumers! Also, we play the game "It's Not Sinatra or Madonna - What is That Obscure Music Genre?!" Finally, we give a peek into what it's like for Cedar Point executives to come up with new rides.

Credits: Gregory Mulkern, Heather Sejnow

Attributions: "Mentiras" by Banjolectric "Pope Lick Road" by Banjolectric "Rampi Rampi" by Banjolectric

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