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#152 Of House, The Guy from Counting Crows

Mister JONES and Me... Hanging out in the studio!

2 years ago

Motorik/synthpop band Of House joins us on the show to play some stripped-down versions of their songs and dicuss the possibility of Joe Rogan joining Michael on the podcasts. Then, The Guy From Counting Crows (his name escapes me) joins us to discuss where he was during 9/11. Also, we show the glory of Ducks with The Quack Diaries!

Credits: Nick Van Huis, Pat Nolan, Blake Hart, Ray Duprey

Attributions: "Record Store" by Of House "Get Free" by Of House "Little Sister" by Of House

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“The Quack Diaries” Credits: Written by: Lauren Duprey Performed by: Michael Duprey, Ray Duprey, Lauren Duprey

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