The Michael Duprey Variety Hour

#011 Hannah Taubitz, Darren Flink, Danielle Jones

Actor, writer, and director Hannah Taubitz joins us to discuss 'To Be Productions' and her upcoming cabaret, as we are also joined by 'Cars' Enthusiast Darren Flink and Ireland-obsesses Wisconsionite Danielle Jones.

6 years ago

Hannah Taubitz, a Detroit-based actor, writer, and director joins us for a discussion about the new theatre company To Be Productions as well as her upcoming cabaret For the Love of Broadway. Then, ‘Cars’ Enthusiast Darren Flink shares his theories and knowledge about the ‘Cars’ universe, and Wisconsionite who studied abroad in Ireland Danielle Jones discusses her experiences. Also, we feature a new track from Jordan Jermaine!

Credits: Hannah Taubitz, Adam Bacigal

“Blood and Kiss (Prod. by IVORY)” by Jordan Jermaine

Intro Theme:
“Somewhere In My Mind” by Apache Tomcat

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