The Michael Duprey Variety Hour

#017 Five Pound Snap, Lyle Nudnik

Space-groove sensation Five Pound Snap promote their new record "White Birch Lakes" and discuss their name's origins. Etsy Pillow Maker Lyle Nudnik also joins us!

6 years ago

Space-groove sensation Five Pound Snap joins us to debut some of their new music, discuss how they met, and describe the secret handshake origins of their band name! Also, Famous Etsy Pillow Maker and author of the book Pillow Pile: Being the King of Pillows Aint’s As ‘Etsy’ As You Think Lyle Nudnik makes an appearance!

Credits: Alex Niemi, Michael O’Brien, Gwendolyn Macphee, Charlie Matt

“Lady Gets High” by Five Pound Snap
“Bayin’ in the Morning” by Five Pound Snap
“Convex Hollow” by Five Pound Snap

Intro Theme:
“Somewhere In My Mind” by Apache Tomcat

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