The Michael Duprey Variety Hour

#159 Dustin Gardner, Shushna

3 years ago

It’s time to ring in the Holiday Season with The Michael Duprey Variety Hour. Musician and comedian Dustin Gardner of SHOE. joins us on the show to discuss returning to the comedy scene and the struggles of having a common band name. Then bar and opium den operator Shushna joins us to discuss the underground bar scene in Hamtramck. Also, Mikey shows his sexy side with Mikey Loveswell’s Romance and Horoscope Hour.

Credits: Dustin Gardner, JB

Attributions: “Die Alone” by SHOE. “The Fly” by SHOE. “Living Your Best Life” by SHOE.

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“Mikey Loveswell’s Romance and Horoscope Hour” Credits: Written by: Ray Duprey Performed by: Michael Duprey

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