The Michael Duprey Variety Hour

#148 Glass Chimera, Abby Raven

Pull out your beakers, hide your Mother-in-Laws, and prepare for a scare!

2 years ago

Psych-rock trio Glass Chimera pops into the studio to discuss who they would Quantum Leap replace with Dale Earnhardt in his fiery car accident and their unique musical experiments! Then, Haunted House Brat Abby Raven stops in to get some advice on how to be better at being terrifying. Also, we work out our muscles with Exercise Rick’s X-treme Fitness! Hide your Mother-in-Laws!

Credits: Scott Jasmund, Dominic Lockridge, Aaryn Lindow, Amy Oprean

Attributions: “Nowhere To Be Found” by Glass Chimera “Aching Head” by Glass Chimera “Hollow Graves” by Glass Chimera

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“X-Treme Fitness” Credits: Written by: Ray Duprey Performed by: Michael Duprey, Ray Duprey, Lauren Duprey

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Intro Theme: “Don’t Weigh Me Down” by Broadcast 2000

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