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#137 Teddy Roberts and The Mouths, Tilda Higgenbottom

Never berate a professional yard saleswoman unless you're looking to pay the consequences!

2 years ago

The multi-talented Teddy Roberts of Teddy Roberts and the Mouths joins us on the show to discuss his journey throughout music including playing in Fireworks and Tigers Jaw as well as to discuss the band’s new album “Never Wanna Die.” Then, Professional Yard Salesperson Tilda Higgenbottom joins us on the show and gets railed by Teddy. Also in this episode: “This Ugly Fuckin’ House” with Rocco Kostoccholi!

Credits: Teddy Roberts, Jason Petterson

Attributions: “Bolo Brothers” by Teddy Roberts and the Mouths “Never Wanna Die” by Teddy Roberts and the Mouths “Sweet Thang” by Teddy Roberts

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