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#103 Cosmic Light Shapes, Georgina Smithweather

Experimental rock band Cosmic Light Shapes performs and Georgina Smithweather brings the pie! It's a great way to kick off the Thanksgiving Season!

4 years ago

Experimental rock band Cosmic Light Shapes joins us this week to showcase some of their kaleidoscopic music, as well as to discuss which celebrity they would choose to be a personal shopper for, as well as how the band came together after its origins as an actual light show. Then, good friend of the show Georgina Smithweather returns to show off some of her new pie creations.

Credits: Zenas Jackson, Adam James Fuller, Eugene Strobe, Ryan Westbrook

Attributions: “Flowers, Smoke, and Mirrors” by Cosmic Light Shapes “AM/FM” by Cosmic Light Shapes “Crazy For Days” by Cosmic Light Shapes

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