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#132 Ladyship Warship, Trumbly Welles

Rock band Ladyship Warship shows off new music and discusses MRSA and Poop Hands with Trumbly Welles!

4 years ago

Kristin and EZ of rock band Ladyship Warship join us on the show to discuss and show off some of their new music, as well as to discuss the logistics of floating on a door in the ocean. Then, holistic medicine aficionado Trumbly Welles joins us to discuss her methods for solving maladies such as MRSA and Poop Hands!

Credits: Kristin Lyn, “EZ” Myers, Molly Alampi

Attributions: “The Earth Opened Up” by Ladyship Warship “Reptillian Brain” by Ladyship Warship “Have We All Lost Our Minds” by Ladyship Warship

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