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#161 The Plaqueys, Paul Frente

Don't sleep through Christmas and miss this hot 'sode, baby!

3 years ago

Blues rock comedy band The Plaqueys join us on the show to discuss how their band came to be during a family vacation, and how they set a tradition to make a new E.P every year. Then, Tik Tok consultant Paul Frente gives us hot tips on how to get big on the platform. Finally, our show gets hijacked by one of Micheal’s arch-nemeses.

Credits: Troy Zweifler, Zach Zweifler, Caleb Zweifler, Ryan Westbrook

Attributions: “Nerf or Nothin’” by The Plaqueys “Slept Through Christmas” by The Plaqueys “Probos-kiss” by The Plaqueys

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