The Michael Duprey Variety Hour

#012 Sar the Moonchild, Georgina Smithweather

Lover, Moonchild, and Jam Band follower Sar describes how to enter The Zone and reads Michael's vibe for his "signs"... it is not flattering. Also: Georgina Smithweather has a message for her dearly departed husband.

6 years ago

Lover, Moonchild, & Jam Band Follower Sar joins us to discuss the rules of The Zone, his fluctuating burrito menu, and also describes Michael’s different “signs”. Also: Electronic Factory Worker Georgina Smithweather joins us to discuss how she feels about living in Michigan and to send a message to her dead husband.

Credits: Mike McGettigan, Ryan Westbrook

“Vibe Merchant” by The Mood Orchestra

Intro Theme:
“Somewhere In My Mind” by Apache Tomcat

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