The Michael Duprey Variety Hour

#014 Jason Petterson, Marcus Gold, Barry the 'Beansprouts' Walrus

Indie game developer Jason Petterson of "Broken Shotgun Productions" discusses his humble beginnings and more. Also: Hollywood Insider Marcus Gold and Barry the Beansprouts Walrus!

6 years ago

Independent game and mobile app developer Jason Petterson of “Broken Shotgun Productions” joins us to discuss his humble beginnings, the future, and to help Michael come up with a brand new game! Hollywood Insider Marcus Gold elaborates on his many high-profile “deals” and Barry the Beansprouts Walrus makes a remarkable return to the public eye!

Credits: Jason Petterson, Mitch Haba

“Friday 13th Kliwon” by Chip For Breakfast

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“Somewhere In My Mind” by Apache Tomcat

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