The Michael Duprey Variety Hour

#158 Edison Hollow, McArthur Dunbury

3 years ago

Rock & Roll band Edison Hollow join us on the show to discuss their upcoming album, the comeback of Ozzy Osbourne, and their mixed feelings on Greta Van Fleet. Then, Anti-Thanksgiving Advocate McArthur Dunbury pitches his ideas for how to make his most hated holiday much better. Also, Tom Bergeron takes to the streets to taste test a delicious new drink with average people!

Credits: Tyler Chernoff, Aaryn lindow, Jordon Stockdale, Anthony Coates

Attributions: “Circle of Madness” by Edison Hollow “Coming for You” by Edison Hollow “Not Alone” by Edison Hollow

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“The Taste Test” Credits: Written by: Ray Duprey Performed by: Michael Duprey, Ray Duprey, Lauren Duprey

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