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#105 JUNGLEFOWL, Serial Killer Bo

Melissa and Stefan of Grunge Rock Band JUNGLEFOWL join us to discuss their new EP Secret Society and Girls Rock Detroit. Then, Serial Killer Bo pops in to not kill us.

5 years ago

Fuzz garage rock band JUNGLEFOWL joins us on the show to discuss their new EP ‘Secret Society’, what food they would erase from the Thanksgiving canon, as well as what it’s like to perform in a band with their significant other. We also discuss the fantastic program Girls Rock Detroit. Then, cavalier Serial Killer Bo joins us on the show to list off his top favorite murders that he’s performed.

Credits: Melissa Coppola, Stefan Carr, Adam Bacigal

Attributions: “Crumble” by JUNGLEFOWL “Mojo” by JUNGLEFOWL “Front Line” by JUNGLEFOWL

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