#110 Christmas Special 2018! with Blake The Intern, Carol Caroles, Vic the Reindeer, Dave

The Holidays are here and we celebrate with friends new and old! We have Christmas carols, stand-up comedy, and, of course, our good friend Blake The Intern!

The holidays are here and we celebrate with friends new and old. Carol Caroles of Carol Caroles’ Carols joins us on the show to share some of her original jingles, then Vic the Reindeer performs some of his stand-up, and Average Joe Dave shares his slice-of-life perspective on the holidays. All of this co-hosted by our great friend Blake The Intern!

Credits: Blake The Intern, Lauren Duprey, Will Curry, Molly Alampi

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Intro Theme: “Don’t Weigh Me Down” by Broadcast 2000

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