#106 Sara Marie Barron, Zora

Soul singer-songwriter Sara Marie Barron performs songs off of her new album "Sad, But True" and Old Woman who's been around the block a few times Zora joins us to weigh in on legal marijuana.

Soul singer-songwriter Sara Marie Barron joins us on the show to perform songs off of her debut album “Sad, But True” and also to discuss her musical journey and how she got into the tender headspace required to write her songs. Then, Zora, who’s been around the block around the few times, joins us on the show to discuss the legalization of Marijuana and her relationship with the great Frank Zappa.

Credits: Sara Marie Barron, Mario Sulaksana, Anna Boegehold

Attributions: “One Thing” by Sara Marie Barron “Every Little Thing” by Sara Marie Barron “That Man” by Sara Marie Barron

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