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#145 BAVE, Cal Legaris

Prog-rock JAZZ? Keep your grandmas at the door, unless they're cool or cute. ;)

2 years ago

Ben and Dave of the Prog Rock/Jazz band BAVE join us to discuss their new Polarity album, their journey to playing their unique brand of music, and they help Michael figure out who the worst classic rock act is! Then, Cal Legaris Garbage Lawyer returns to the show to campaign against music festival litterers!

Credits: Ben Zaporski, David Thoel, Lauren Duprey

Attributions: “Blue” by BAVE “Rando Abando” by BAVE “Curry Tsunami” by BAVE

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“Dinah Jones On Your Couch with Duke Toboggan” Credits: Written by: Michael Duprey Performed by: Lauren Duprey Audio Attributions: “Gun Cock.wav” by SmartWentCody via “Gun shot sound_01” by Gregsmedia via

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