The Michael Duprey Variety Hour

#169 Asklepius, Walter Lousy

3 years ago

Ambient/Post-Rock trio Asklepius join us on the show to discuss their affinity for Greek mythology and creating "music that nourishes the human spirit." Then, Walter Lousy just wants to sleep in his hammock but his rotten neighbor kid won't let him! Also, we all play the game "What's That God Got Going On?!". Finally, we share a PSA of what happens if you let your underwear get out of control.

Credits: Justin Groppuso-Cook, Matt Smiley, Dave Alpern, Alex Bergmans

Attributions: "Jubilation" by Asklepius "Ascension" by Asklepius

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"The Underwear Crisis” Credits: Written By: Lauren Duprey Performed by:Lauren Duprey, Ray Duprey, Michael Duprey Audio Attributions: "War Horn Blast" by jocmusic via "Large Earthquake" by LoafDV via "swarm" by horseyfootage via

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