The Michael Duprey Variety Hour

#009 Beatnok, The Yuletide Vampire Nedstat

Electronic musician Dylan "Beatnok" Nelson discusses musician collective Assemble Sound and more. We are also joined by the Yuletide Vampire Ned Stat.

6 years ago

Electronic musician Dylan “Beatnok” Nelson showcases his music and highlights his upbringing as a musician, as well as the musician collective Assemble Sound, Erie Canal Theatre, and his process for creating music. We are also joined by Nedstat the Yuletide Vampire who discusses how he sucks the joy out of the Holiday season -- literally.

Credits: Dylan Nelson, Josh Arthur

“Nether” by Beatnok
“Ontario Shore” by Beatnok
“Suboxone” by Beatnok

Intro Theme:
“Somewhere In My Mind” by Apache Tomcat

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