The Michael Duprey Variety Hour

#034 Atomic Time Bomb, Harold Bornstein

Space punk band Atomic Time Bomb joins us to discuss their new EP and how their years of friendship culminated in forming a band together. Also: Trump's physician Harold Bornstein.

4 years ago

Space punk band Atomic Time Bomb lands in our studio to discuss their recently released EP, share some stories about their inspirations and of Saint Andrew’s Hall, and explain how their many years of friendship culminated in this out of the ordinary music project. Also, Donald Trump's General Care Physician Harold Bornstein joins us and rates the quality of the bellies of everyone in the room.
Credits: Andrew Savard, Jeremy Gemus, Alex Schwagle, JR Stuhrburg
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“Galacticop” by Atomic Time Bomb
“Everything Must Be....Destroyed” by Atomic Time Bomb
“I Want To Believe” by Atomic Time Bomb
Intro Theme:
“Don’t Weigh Me Down” by Broadcast 2000
Interlude Song:
“Jangus” by UncleBibby

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