The Michael Duprey Variety Hour

#178 Sam Meier, Lil' Cutlet

3 years ago

The lovely Sam Meier returns to the show to discuss his upcoming feature film "Pitch Please" and how he almost got to call Simon Cowell "Daddy" to his face. Then, aspiring country music star Lil' Cutlet discusses living on a bus and performs her first hit single for us. Also, Ollie Ollie Oxenfree returns with his new product "The Attachable Cheese Slit!" Finally, we play a trivia game about cults!

Credits: Sam Meier, Estar Cohen

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"The Attachable Cheese Slit" Credits: Written by: Lauren Duprey Performed by: Michael Duprey, Ray Duprey, Lauren Duprey Attributions: "Crowd Wow Surprise" by dersuperanton via

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