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#163 Kumquat Corner

It's another Planet Ant Podcasts crossover episode to close out the year!

3 years ago

It's another Planet Ant Podcasts crossover episode! This time, the cast of Kumquat Corner, a political pundit satire show, join us to discuss each other journeys with theatre and improv, as well as how the show was formed. Then, we debut a brand new special episode of The Kumquat Corner that discusses the topic of "Public Nudity." Also, Michael's cousin Eddie is still lost and looking to see if anyone knows about MDVH!

Credits: Dez Walker, Heather Sejnow, Jennifer Horne, Tom Stineman

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“Eddie Update in Yellowstone’” Credits: Performed by: Ray Duprey, Lauren Duprey, Michael Duprey Attributions: “Grand Prismatic Spring.wav" by tim.khan via

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