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#104 The Philter, Father Peter O'Paskey

New wave surf rock band The Philter showcases their new album and dishes on potential new band names. Then, Father Peter O'Paskey discusses his unique approach to teaching the Bible.

4 years ago

New wave surf punk band The Philter joins us on the show to showcase songs from their new album “The Devil Isn’t Real and Neither Are You.” They also discuss how they let the instrumentals drive their songwriting process and we also dish on potential alternate names for the band. Then progressive priest Peter O’Paskey aka “Father Pop” joins us on the show to discuss his unique take on teaching the Bible as well as performing exorcisms.

Credits: Kim Lambert, Nik Burridge, Jonathan Miller

Attributions: “Watery Grave” by The Philter “Tasting Blood” by The Philter “No More Love” by The Philter

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