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#139 SugarPunk Fairies, Doctor Heinous

Featuring a Blondie cover band practicing in the studio next door!

2 years ago

Eclectic Pop-Rock collective the SugarPunk Fairies join us on the show! We discuss favorite Summer activities, first memories, and Ferndale Pride. They also showcase some new music! Then, Villain Supreme Doctor Heinous joins us on the show to discuss his financial endeavors and the international RV tour that he is on with his wife Martha! Also, we feature the first episode of Uncle Terry’s Rock N’ Rollio Portfolio.

Credits: Emily Fox, Robin Roxie, Stacy Binelli Ray Duprey,

Attributions: “Dating Down” by Sugar Punk Fairies “Wild World (Yusuf/Cat Stevens Cover)” by Sugar Punk Fairies “How Much More (Go-Go’s Cover)” by Sugar Punk Fairies

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